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About Sri Sivanandhi Adikalar .........

Answering his inner divine call to work for Saiva Revival worldwide1swamikal continues to work tirelessly not only to restore Saivism to its past glory as the world's oldest faith, but also to proclaim it as a world faith on its own which meets all the needs & challenges of 20 th century man today. Conscious of the Saiva tenets of " anbe sivam " & " onre kulam " Swamikal humbly serves as an instrument in the hands of Lord Siva, with the loving supportive action of Saiva devotees throughout the world.

Born in Sri Lanka on 11 july-1929, Swamikal was greatly inspired by the Saiva services of Sri La Sri Arumuka Navalar of Jaffna & Thavath Thiru Maraimalai Adikal. Graduating with a science degree, he worked as an industrial chemist, followed Family life & migrated to U. K . In 1968 awarded a Master of Science degree by London University, he worked as a scientist until early retirement. He founded the British Saiva Siddhanta Centre in 1972 to dedicate his life to Tamil-Saivism, culminating. After 12 years of Saiva sadhana in U.K. & in South India received the holy Sannyasa & the monastic name of Siva Nandhi at holy Chidamparam Nadaraja temple in december,1989.

From 1989, as founder-president &.Aadheena Kartthar of London Meikandaar Aadheenam charity trust,swamikal undertook several international Saiva lecture tours,wrote over 15 books in English & Tamil on all aspects of Saivism & Tamil culture. As chairman & chief executive of the World Saiva Council,founded by swamikal in 1992,has organized World Saiva Coferences held in Singapore (1992), Penang (1993), Paris (1994), Colombo (1996), Durban (1996 ) & Tanjavur(1997).

Has consolidated international Saivism & proclaimed it as a world faith on its own,restoring a sense of pride & belonging to all Saivites.

Swamikal has been honorary editor, international Tamil journals like London Murasu & w.s.c.organ " Saiva ulakam " for Several years. Has received several titles & honours,including being external examiner for Ph.d thesis 1Bharathithasan University, S.India. Swamikal prays for Lord Siva's grace to complete his Saiva dream of building an international complex based in Chidamparam comprising Saiva mutt, Saiva swamis training centre & pilgrim's rest cum cottage. Above all,his vision of world saiva revival is action-oriented & this is enshrined as the credo of w.s.c.


World saivites pray to Lord Siva to bless our revered swamikal wih long life & good health for him to serve Saivism evermore.

(Dr.K. Satyalingam, France)


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Books Written By Sri Sivanandhi Adikalar (English)

 1.Saivite Hinduism,  London 1994

(A full treatment of Saivism, Saiva Sidhdhantha)

2.Introduction to Tamil Culture- second edition, 1994

3.What is Saiva Sidhdhanta? 1985

(An introduction to all aspects of Saivism)

4.Saivism - Questions and Answers on vital contemporary Saiva issues

5.Introduction to Saivite Hinduism, a primer for beginners, 1982

6.Meaning of Life, A Philosophical search in Saivism for meaning and purpose in human life, 1985.

7.Periya Purana Pushpaanjali, 1988

8. Sarvam Sivamayam, An outline of Saivism 1989

9. Finding Fullfilment, some insights on the Saiva way of Life, 1990

10. Prasada Yoga on the Centrality of Grace

11.World Saiva Crusade, 1997.

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Books Written By Sri Sivanandhi Adikalar (Tamil)

1.Viduthalayum Veedu Perum

2.Saiva Prayer Manual

3.Anjaa Nenjam

4.Discussion on the Socail Relavance and contemporary Issues in Saivism, 1982

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Audio Tapes

 Talks on Saivism-by Swami Siva Nandhi Adikalar, Durban, 1994 (English Cassette)

 Pancha Puraanam (Collection of five Saiva Hymns) By Srimathi Sangeetha Pooshanam Nageswari Brahmanandha)

 Pancha Puraanam By Sri Muthu Kandhasamy Thesikar ( in Traditional South Indian Othuvaar singing style)

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Future Plans



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