London Meikandaar Aadheenam is a registered Saiva(Hindu) Trust charity organization. Address: 72,King Edward Road, London E17 6HZ, U.K.

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     London Meikandaar Aadheenam


      Trustees Management Committee:1994

      Activities and Services

     FAadheena Pulavar:(Consultant Philosopher

    London Meikandaar Aadheenam

    Spiritual Head (Aadheena Karthar) and President, Board of Trustees, and Chairman World Saiva Council:

    Swami Siva Nandhi Adikalar

    The parent organisation for the London Meikandhar Aadheenam was the British Saiva Siddhantha  center based in Londen E17.6JE which functioned  from 1970 upholding  the following broad aims.

    1.To uphold our moto: "Compossionate service for the  welfare of all and a devout life  of discipline and publications.

    2.To  propagate  the tenets of Saivca Siddhanta  though Temple an ethical way of life  inherent in a resident Ashrama life  of total  dedication through religious  service and   self-discipline.

    3.To emphasize and widen the scope of social relevance and humanitarian service, enshrined in Saiva doctrine, to gain a new momentum in the hitherto neglcted areas of community  and national  welfare.

    4.Future Plans: In due course,   it is proposed to widen  the scope  of Hindu  Saiva religious   and charitable work as an international-saiva sevice.

    5.Pursuant to the above aims the London Meikandar Aadheenam was registered as  SAIVA  (Hindu) Trust Charity   No:293007 c/o 72, King Edward Road, London E17 6HZ, UK.

    6. The World Saiva Council  is the international Saiva Educational arm of  the London Meikandar Aadheenam and is   an autonomous  international trust guided by the broad Saiva religious policies of  Meikandar Aadheenam.

    7.International institutions under   the legal  & policy of L.M.A.Trust (U.K):

    i) Wold Saiva Council & All its branches

    ii) "Saiva Ulakam" journal & W.S.C. books

    iii) Chidamparam Saiva Mutt Bldg Trust

    iv) Madhurai Saiva Makalir Illam Trust

    About Siva Nandhi Adikalar

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    The Philosophy......

    Philosophy of Theistic Pluralism holds that:

     God, Soul and the world are real and eternal(Pati, Pasu,Pasam)

     The aim of religion is to get rid of Pasam (Bondage desires) and for the soul to attain Moksha (liberation)

     Bhakti (Devotion to God) and Gods Grace (Arul) are Central to Saivite Hinduism.

    Saiva Siddhantha  Philosophy

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    Trustees Management Committee:1994

    President Swami Sivanandhi Adikalar
    Chairman Dr.S.Navaratnam
    Vice Chairman Sri. S.SampathkUmar, Dr.S.Sivathaasan
    Secretary Sri.V.R.Ramanathan
    Tresurer Sri.S.K.Kanapathy
    Members Dr.C.Sornalingam, Sri.G.S.Jeyaraj, Dr.K.Loganathan (Aadheenap Pulavar)
    Overseas   Trustees Srimathi.K.Suba(Mal), Mr.M.Ramalingam(India), Swami Premanandha (S.A), Mr.Vella Pillai(S.A), Sri.P.Nadesan(India), Sri.P.S.Patkunaraja(France), Sri.K.Thayaparan (Sri Lanka)
    Auditors Sri.N.Vamadevan


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    Activities and Services

     Publication of books in English and Tamil on all aspects of Saiva Siddhanta and Tamil culture.

     Participation, promotion and organization of Tamil cultural events, Saiva Seminars, Religious discourses, Music and Dance Recitals etc.

    International Saiva Conferences bi-annually at various capital cities of the world.(The next 8th World Saiva Conference to be held in Toronto, Canada  July 30 - August 1, 1999.)

     Publication of a bilingual - quarterly journal entitled Saiva Ulakam as a review of global Saiva Hindu news and views together with articles on a wide range of Saiva topics.

     Charity aid-donations to the poor in Saiva institutions in Sri Lanka and India.

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    Aadheena Pulavar:(Consultant Philosopher)

    Dr.K.Loganathan (Malaysia)

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    The Adikalar has declared World Saivism to be a religion on its own, not to be confused with Hinduism

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