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Sivajnana Nilayam is a registered body meant to be the business arm of World Saiva Council. Currently it publishes Saiva Ulakam a quarterly news letter of World Saiva Council. In addition to that regular weekly courses on Saiva Philosophy is also being conducted. New and old Saiva classics are explained to the ordinary laymen so that they have a better understanding of life. The courses are run on the model of Adult Education programs that seek to bring about spiritual developments of a useful kind.

What's New

Monthly classes on Saivism

Monthly classes on Saivism is also being conducted to the general public. Also major Saiva classics such as Sivajnana Botham and so forth are explained in simple language to those who are interested.

Classes on Thirumanthiram have been started. Thirumanthiram is the greatest Saiva Classic which is encyclopedic in terms of its knowledge contents. The classes are held once a month on Sunday afternoons 2:30 p.m to 6:00 p.m. Those who are interested in attending these classes may contact Dr.K.Loganathan.

What's New

What's New

Jnana Poojai

The Jnana Poojai concept has been revived in order to make the Saivites more informed of the essentials of Saiva Philosophy. In Sept 1996 Meykandhar Jnana Poojai was held in Penang, Malaysia. In view of the tremendous success more and more such Jnana Puceys are being planed.

Siddhar Jnana Poojai
As Planned on the 20th of April 1997 the Siddha Njana Poojai was organised. It was a tremendous success in which many young scholars presented research oriented papers on the contributions of the Siddhas. Some of these papers will be published in the coming issues of Saiva Ulakam. We wish to thank Sivaraja Yogi Adhimoolanar who officiated the function and delivered a keynote address on Siva Yoga. As expected this has generated new interest among young Saiva scholars on the contributions of Siddhas on psychology, psychotherapy, medical science, hermeneutic semiotics and so forth.

Saivism and Family Life - One day Seminar
There was also another Seminar on the 6th of July 1997 on Saivism and Family Life. Swami Brahmanandha in addition to officiating the function also presented many interesting views on the need for leading a family life. Dr.Rohana Ariffin of USM, Malaysia presented a paper on the disintegration of family life in Malaysia particularly among the Indians. Dr.K.Loganathan presented a paper on the psychological profiles of young men and women in relation to their attitude towards marriage. There were also workshops on several themes that were well participated. More such seminars have been requested particularly by the young people who are seriously considering marriage.

Basic Saiva Siddhanta Classes for public
A new class on Saivism has been started and conducted by Mrs.Suba. The main objective of this class is to bring religious awareness among the Saivites. It is being held in Sri Veeramaha Kaliamman Temple, Sungai Nibong, Penang, Every Friday From 8.00pm to 9.00pm

Baratha Natyam & Miruthangkam Classes
In addition to the philosophical approach, the Sivanjana Nilayam is also concentrating in propogating the cultural aspects of Saiva Siddhantha. The Baratha Natyam Class is being conducted every Saturday and the Miruthangkam Classes on Wednesday. For further details Please contact us. We are also planning to start the Karnatic Music class to catter for those interested.

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