Projects People In-charge

The following are the details:

Counseling, and Thirumanthiram Class


Saiva Siddhanta Philosophy class


Basic Saivism Class

Mr.Bala, Mr.Raju, Mrs. Saraswathy, Ms.Shanthy,Mrs.Suba, Mr.Somasundaram


World Saivism Home Page

Mrs. Suba   & Dr.K.Loganathan


Children's Sunday Class

Mrs.Suba, Miss.Suseela,

Mrs.Devi Veloo, Mr.Soma Sundaram, Mr.Veloo, Ms.Shanthy, Mr.Rajoo


Baratha Natyam Class

Mrs.Devi Veloo & Mrs.Suba


Saiva Ulakam (Bilingual News Letter of World Saiva Council)

Dr.K.Loganathan, Miss.N. Suseela, Mrs.Suba

Saiva Siddhanta Class for Beginners

Mrs. Suba


Miruthangkam Class

Mr.Elangko & Mrs. Suba