The Metaphysical Questions
of Arunandi
( Irupa Irupathu)
Arul Nandhi Sivaachaariyaar
English Transaltion & Commentary
By Dr.K.Loganathan
Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia.
Published as on-line book on 14th December 1998.
Copyright Dr.K.Loganathan.

The fourteen Meykanda Sasteras constitute the basic texts of Saiva Siddhanta Philosophy in which the Sivanjaana BOtham of Meykandar, though historically not the first but certainly is the foremost. Perhaps it is the most profound philosophical text that was ever authored by man. I have translated this under the name of THE MATAPHYSICA UNIVERSALIS OF MEYKANDAR and in addition to publishing it in hard covers, is also made available in this Home Page of World Saivism, maintained by Mrs. Suba Loganathan. Now as a sequel to that we are offering an English translation with commentary of another classic IRUPA IRUPATHU of Arunandi Sivaaccaariyar, the foremost student of Meykandar himself. He has also to his credit the massive Sivanjaana Siththiyaar, a philosophical text of outstanding merits, probably written within the guidance of Meykandar himself. The text should have been written in the 13th cent. itself, the time of Meykandar, considering that he was his foremost student.

The present text was probably written subsequent to Siththyaar, something that, however needs to be investigated further. What is distinct and earns our sympathy is the existential concerns within which the inquiry was undertaken and because of which it avoids being dry and meaningless. Gnawing doubts about central issues in EXISTENCE are raised in front of Meykandar himself and seeks TRUTHS that would alleviate the excruciating pains he was suffering. What we have, because of this,is an existential analytics of a profound kind that remains forever of interest to all thinking people throughout the world.

In translating this , I had in mind publishing it in the internet, in the Home Page for World Saivism. Because of that I have used Murasu Anjal fonts for rendering the original Tamil text as well as its transliteration into English. I have given a concise translation of the central verses, broken up for convenience into sutra style utterances. Notes have been added wherever necessary.

I have divided the commentary into two parts. In the first I elucidate the lines of thought of Arunandi himself so that the various implications, not clearly articulated, are also brought out. In the second part, however, I venture deeper and wider and provide solutions and some novel elucidations of the metaphysical issues raised. Some ideas articulated are quite original and which I have articulated in some other books that are not published yet.

The translation and commentary were written under very trying circumstances. While there may be many inadequacies, I venture to publish it in the hope that it can be revised and the imperfections removed after receiving comments from the scholarly public who may venture into reading this magnificent classic of Saiva Siddhanta.

I wish to thank profusely Mrs.Suba who took great pains to publish this in her Home Page, despite many problems that she has also to tackle all in the interest of making Saivism better known in the world.

I wish to thank profusely LORD SIVA, who I believe, guided the writing of this book by creating contexts of situation in my personal life itself that made the issues raised and interrogated something I can understand and contribute meaningfully to unravel the mystery surrounding them.

Dr K.Loganathan, Universiti Sains Malaysia. Penang , MALAYSIA 15-12-98

՛ ɛ ̹
' ;; -ׯ -
-ˍ' ύ' '
' 㴳
kaN n-uthalung kaNtak kaRaiyung karan-tharuLi
maNNitaiyin maakkaL malamakaRRum;; veNNai n-allUr
meykaNtaan enRu orukaal mEvuvaraal vERinmai
kaikaNtaar uLLaththuk kaN

Anyone who approaches, even once, the TRUTH BEHOLDER of VeNNai NallUr, who in his Being-There, conceals the archetypal forms of SIVA as the Three-Eyed and Blue-Throated, will get destroyed the ALTERITY and ALIENNESS within themselves as a matter of fact.

, vERinmai: non-difference or non-alienness, the total absence of Alterity; the destruction of Other with which BEING has been approached hitherto.

NOTES: In this invocation Arunandi describes the certainty of attaining Absolute Illumination through a dialogic discourse with Meykandar, who stands not as a person but rather BEING itself, not as the TOTALLY ABOVE but rather in the archetypal forms suitable for the destruction of ignorance and the redemption of the individual psyche through absorbing unto Himself the DARKNESS breeding stuff. The Three-Eyed is that which opens up the eyes so that what remains UNSEEN, comes to be SEEN. The Blue-Throated is that which absorbs the indestructible Anava Malam, that which assails the anmas breeding metaphysical blindness within and because of which exists IGNORANCE in the understanding of the anmas.

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