For more than two thousand years the Tamils in South India have been developing various philosophical systems displaying a remarkable vigor and intellectual independence. Though continuously under attack form various systems of philosophy and religion they have kept their independence and wrote many philosophical classics that are available even today. Against the strong tides of life negating philosophies and religions they developed many life affirming philosophies forging new methodological principles in this endeavor. Their most significant contribution in this battle is the fashioning of Hermeneutic Science as the most appropriate methodology for investigating the human essences. With this methodology firmly established they have developed a variety of Hermeneutics Sciences that range from Linguistics to Religion. Perhaps the Tamils are the only people who have transformed even religion to a field of science, an accomplishment that the present world should be made aware.

In this Home Page we shall publish these classics both in the original Tamil as well as English translations with adequate explanatory notes. Most of the texts that we have chosen are rare texts that are not that easily available. The translations will be done by experts who are fluent both in English and Tamil as well as familiar with Western philosophical traditions. The explanatory notes that will be provided will make abundant references to similar developments in the West so that the ideas become more intelligible to the Western readers as well as westernized Indian readers

Another important reason to start this new Home Page is that the Indologists have neglected the philosophical contributions of Tamils and even when they make references to it, it is always as an appendix to Vedanta Buddhism Jainism and so forth. It is hardly noted that despite distinctive and significant contributions to these philosophical/religious traditions, they have also contributed significantly novel ideas in Logic ,Epistemology, Depth Psychology, Medicine and the Fine Arts. We hope to make available texts as well for the use of scholars who may be interested in such studies.

Note: copyrights to these texts are reserved by Dr K.Loganathan. No permission is granted for anyone to publish them in whatever form for commercial purposes. Those who are interested are advised to contact Dr.K.Loganathan at the e-mail address given below.

Saiva Classics in Philosophy Sivanjana Botham (METAPHYSICA UNIVERSALIS OF MEYKANDAAR)

Nyanamirthak kattalai( Uploaded on 5/3/1998)

Irupa Irupathu - The Metaphysical Questions of Arulnandhi (uploaded on 15/12/1998)
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