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Saivism: The Essentials

Despite the fact that Saiva Siddhantha is the best philosophical system India can offer to the world, it is the least known. Perhaps this is so because all the major text are in Tamil. We have started this section in order to acquint readers to this magnificent system of Philosophy.

  1. Lesson 1 : Saivism in a Nutshell : T.T. Siva Nandhi Adikalar
  2. Lesson 2 : Saiva Existential Philosophy and Family Life : Dr.K.Loganathan
  3. Lesson 3 : Sivalinga Worship : G.M Muthusamy Pillai
  4. Lesson 4:  Saiva Siddhantha Philosophy : Suba (in Tamil, use InaimathiTSCII) (March, 99)
  5. Lesson 5:   Meykandhar:Dr.K.Loganathan (in Tamil, use InaimathiTSCII) (30/04/99)

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