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An international non-profit, non-political  Saiva religious charitable organization established on 29-2-92 in Madras with branches throughout the world and Headquarters  at London Meikandar Aaddheenam , U.K. The Trust's  main function  is primarilly to co-ordinate policy and render adviceand assistance to it's regional bodies in achieving it's objectives of international saiva well being and social   regeneration.


The World Saiva Council was established on 29-2-1992 at a public meeting of international delegates held at Saiva Siddhantha Peru Manram Hall, Mylapore, Madras-4, in order to bring about a renaissance in Saivism in the context of  the 20th century challenges by the implementation of well thought out action plans both, long term and   short term. The World Saiva Council  is the international educational arm of London Meikandhar Aadheenam, UK.(UK registered Saiva religious charity)


Council Aims

To preserve, foster and promote Saivism, Saiva Siddhantam and welfare & progress of Saivite Hindus throughout the world and to take all necessary steps to achieve the above without any political involvements.


The Council will be structured on the model of an autonomous body like a university, with a  Board of Trustees, International Advisory Council on Policy, General Committee, and  a Management Committee, all subject to a constitution and with representations from Saiva Mutts, Temples, Organizations, etc. from all over the world.

Beginning with the working constitution approved at the general Council Meeting in Durban 1n 1995, a final constitution (with provision for amendments) has now been approved at the Excutive Council Meeting  held in Penang, Malaysia on 24th - 27th Sept. 1998.

One main feature in the new constitution  is the provision for WSC branch membership  as well as provision for affiliated bodies dedicated to the broad aimsof WSC in respect of Saivism and Saiva Siddhantha.


While the headquarters is located in London, the branches exist in the following countries. Soon branches will be opened in other countries as well.

The Branches of World Saiva Council


Action Plans and Progress on Implementation

Action Plan Status
1.Strengthening the world saiva organisational frame work through the establishment of more accredited branches and affiliated saiva organisations throughout the world for WSC. Already 9 WSC branches have been established and 4 affiliated bodies have   links with WSC. More branches are planned in future.
2.Establishing a World Saiva link journal with artcicles, news and views etc.under the name of Saiva Ulakam. A bi-lingual quarterly journal called Saiva Ulakam reviewing global saiva news and views with the focus on service and current events is already in publication since 1993.
3.Promoting Saiva social cohesion  through congregational participation and uniform religious practices in all saiva temples, with the focus on 'TAMIL ARCHANAI' and the use of Thirumurai in  both in daily poojas as well as during Thirukkuda Muzhukku Vizhas (Kumbaabishekam). Since 1994, books have been published including  Saiva Prayer Manual (incorporating Tamil Archanai, 1995 (Colombo)). With the government of Tamil Nadu taking positive action  in this area following our Tanjavur Conference(1997). This will soon become a reality.
4.To encourage new and fundamental international research in all fields connected with Saivism, such as:

i)Saiva Tamil / Dravidians Topics of international significance including historical analysis.

ii) Saivism and depth psychological studies

iii) Dravidian African Studies Saiva Tamil Anthropological Studies

We have already published the following:

i) Metaphysica   Universalis of Meikandhar (a new  Translation and commentary on Sivanjana Botham by Dr.K.Loganathan of Malaysia)1996

ii)World Saiva Crusade (1997), Saivite Hinduism (1994), Saivism Questions and Answers (1996), are some of the 15 books written by Swami Sivanandhi Adikalar.

iii)Arut Kural By Dr.K.Loganathan, (1994)


5.To take concerted action to counter and diffuse  Anti-Saiva propaganda from within (Brahmanism) and from without  (other faiths), based on our lofty saiva concepts of Anbe Sivam and Ondre Kulam. While WSC strrugles in these areas  to liberate Saivism is on going, we appeal for  ideas, action plans and strategies to solve this problem.
6.To concentrate on service oriented action plans  such as building   and running of Saiva Centers, Saiva orphanages, Saiva Hospitals etc.  Already action is underway for:

a) Chithambaram Saiva Mutt Project

b) Madhurai  Saiva Makalir Illam

Donations and funds are most welcome to complete the above projects. Please contact the WSC London HQ.

Similar ideas and projects are expected from our branches and affiliates in all parts of the worlds.

7.To form a 'Siva Thondar Ani', (Bodies for Saiva Swamis as well as Saiva voluntary workers) to be responsible for saiva community work including teaching propagation and social service. Regrettably, very little has been achieved in  this  area and we seek your esteemed ideas and  ways  to implement this very vital  need   without which no progress can be made.


8. To propagate Saivism among the youth and  including families, who are the backbone  of saivism in practice both at home and in the community. Slow progress being made through Saiva and Tamil classes in many branches particularly in Penang, but much much more needs to be done in this saiva educational field which holds the key to Saiva revival.
9. Future Plans:

1) Provision for  World Saiva University (Virtual University)using the latest advances in  Computer, and Internet and ather alike technology.

2) Invite donations and endowments from Saiva philanthropists and devotees for :

a) Anual international Saiva Siddhantha lectures fund to be instituted at all branches and affiliated centers throughout the world. It is hoped that only interest and income from this fnd will be utilised annually while the capital fund will grow.

b) Publications in Tamil, English, French and German to be financed from donations and help from Saiva and Hindu charitable institutions, Temples etc.

3) To run Saiva Retreats, Hotels  etc at all capital cities in the world  on commercial lines thus providing the necessary infrastructure  both for capital fund raising for WSC as well as providing accomodation saivite travellers.

In this connection some saiva texts have already been included in this home page. Please refer to Researchers:

Our Mr.P.S.Patkuna Raja in France is taking  steps to translate our 16 point brief Introduction to Saiva Siddhantha Philosophy into French as a first step. It is hoped that translation into german as  will follow from our Saivite Devotees in Germany.




We hope this provides food for thought for our branches and suitabl action will follow.


World Saiva Council Board of Trustees 1997/1998

The 5 permenant members:

1.Swami Siva Nandhi Adikalar (Chairman, U.K.)

2.Dr.K.Loganathan (Sec. Malaysia)

3.Mr. M. Ramalingam (Treasurer, India)

4.Dr.S.Navaratnam (U.K.)

5.Mr.V.R.Ramanathan (U.K.)


The 5 elected Trustees (for a term of 3 years)

6. Mr.P.S.Patkunarajah (France)

7. Mr.K.Thayaparan (Sri Lanka)

8. Mr.Duraivelu Maduray (S.Africa)

9. Dr.S.Sivanathan (U.K.)

10. Mr.Vella Pillai (S.Africa)



subscribeWe appeal to Saiva Individuals and Organizations to subscribe to Saiva Ulakam, a quarterly journal of W.S.C. that also carries important articles on Saivism.We also welcome the readers to  visit this Home Page as often as possible. Many important aspects of Saivism will be posted through these pages FREE for all.

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