Dr.K.Loganathan, is one of the leading Philosophers who is also the consultant philosopher of Meykandar Aadheenam, London. He got his PhD in the University of London and at the moment he is teaching psychology in the Universiti Sains Malaysia. The following are his main books.

 Hermeneutic analysis of Discourse - 1992.

 Arutkural (in Tamil) - 1993

 Metaphysica Universalis of Meykandar - 1996

 Thiru Nerith Thelivu - 1997

Azhivil Unmai (Tamil)

 many more awaiting publications



Dr.K.Loganathan speaks...........

I feel the most urgent need of the world today is to bring religion into the field of science. But this is possible only if the concept of Science itself becomes that of interpretive social science or Hermeneutic Science. No matter how many times people meet and no matter how many inter-religious conferences are organized unless everyone involved tune themselves to a scientific investigation of their own unconscious and organize religious life as a way of exploring in a scientific manner this unconscious, genuine understanding will not emerge.

I am exploring the use of ACCESS TESTS to help the scientific exploration of the unconscious in each one of us. In this connection I'm making a special study of the contributions of the ancient Siddhas of the Tamil Country who have done a marvelous job of it. A modernized version of their studies will be immensely useful for the modern world, which is lost without knowing the right way to live.

Dr.K.Loganathan has developed many branches of Hermeneutic Science. The most notable is Agamic Psychology. Using Access Tests such as Baum Test and so forth he has explored the unconscious dimensions of human mind and how they determine human behavior. At the moment a new form of Counseling called Hermeneutic Counseling is being developed on the basis of this test. Many Researches are also being done on the connections between the Sumerian and the Dravidians, particularly Tamils. This line of research has also immense relevance for the notion Hermeneutic Science.

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