The Protem Committee:1998



Vice Chairman:

Mr.Jayaratnam, Mr.Athimoolam, Mr.Chandrasekaran

Mr.Selvarajoo, Suba


Mr.Soma Sundaram

Assit. Secretary:

Mrs.Devi Veloo


Ms.Suseela Nagappan

Assit. Treasurer:


Committee Members:

Mr.Suthakaran, Ms.Shanthy

Ms.Thanaletchumy, Mr.Balasubramaniam

Mrs.Selvarajoo, Mr.Raju, Mr.Veloo,


Activities and Services

Malaysia Saiva Council organizes annual seminars on the theme of 'Meykandhar Jnana Poojai'. Many aspects on human mind and perception, and the unconscious factors underlying human thinking will be discussed in such one day seminars. Prominent speakers will be invited to present papers and conduct workshops.

M.S.C. is also conducting classes on Saivism for young children. In addition to teaching how to sing the Thevaram songs and pray in a Saivite way, modern educational activities are being introduced to develop the creative intelligence. Formal classes on Tamil Classical music and Bharatha Natyam will also be emphasized.

Aims and Objectives

Focus on the understanding and teachings of Saiva Siddhantha through educational activities, seminars, classes, forums, etc.

Modernization of Saivite thinking through modern educational technology, publications, active exchange of ideas and adaptation to changes.

Encourage and accommodate new thinking in relation to world changes. At the same time, to open up ancient classics on Saiva Siddhantha and other books to understand the origin and teachings of Saiva Siddhantha.

To establish a centre for reference and research on Saiva Siddhantha and to produce articles/books.

Use Information Technology to develop international awareness through internet, audio and video on Saiva Siddhantha .

Establish and organize 'jnana Poojas' along with the ritualistic aspects. To inculcate 'Adippadai archanai/Valipadu' with Sivalinga worship given prominence . 

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