The Vegetarian Cooking


3. From "Vegetarian Cooking" by Mrs Gomathy, Malaysia.



1 milk tin siam rice 1 inch ginger

    1/2 cup ideal milk 2 cloves

    1/2 cup condensed milk 2 cardamoms

    2 tablesp Tomato sauce 1 inch cinnamon

    2 tablesp. Coriander 1 cup coconut oil

    1 tablesp. Commin 2 tablesp. ghee

    2 tablesp. Fennel seeds salt

    1/2tablesp. Poppy seeds 1/2 packet soymal

    10 small onions

    12 garlics


    soak the rice for 5 minutes .then steam it till half cooked.soak the soymal inhot water for 20 minutes .grind coriander ,cummin,fennel,poppy seeds,onion,garlic ,and ginger together and mix strained soymal.then add the tomato sauce, milk ,salt.mix them well and let it soak for 5 more minutes. Heat up the pan and pour the oil ghee together. Once the oil is heatedup add the soymal mixture and stir well.add some water for the soymal to cook,then add the rice.stir well and cook in slow fire.



    3/4 tin white peas [ thattaipayir]

    1 kati labu kuning [parangkikai ]- cut into small pieces

    1 tablesp chili powder

    1 teasp turmeric powder

    1 teasp fennel seeds powder

    1 coconut -- take 1 st and 2 nd milk

1 small onion

curry leaves

salt, oil

2 green chili


Cook the white peas with 4 tin of water. Whencooked add ,labu kuning,chilli powdre, turmeric powder ,fennel seed powder ,salt 2 nd coconut milk and let it cook

When the labu kuning is cooked add the 1 st coconut milk. Heat the oil and fry the mustard,ulunthu, onion , curry leaves and green chilli. Fry for sometime and pour it into the cuury mixture. Obce boil remove from the stove.




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