The Vegetarian Cooking


1. Mrs. Parameswary, Bukit Jambul, Penang, Malaysia.



Enable both man and woman to cook in a simple way.
To cook fast and instantly; clean and easily available.
Eating for health and spiritual reasons.
Enable the body to take simple chemistry food for longevity (healthy life)
Easily digestable - more appropriate for the body chemistry. For health, hygiene and   religious life, and or spritual purpose. Nowadays the air has greatly been polluted. The sea water has been dirtied by the ttechnological developments.


Sayur Sawi fry with curds
Sawi    5, stacks (cut finely)
Onions    2, cut into pieces
Green Chilies    2, cut into pieces
Tomato    1, cut finely
Been curt      1, smash
Yogurt    3/4 cup
Carrot    1 scrape
Oil for fry
Black and white lentil (little)


First fry onions, green chilies, and other garnishing  and frying items.  Add bean curd to it and stir well. Now add the cut vegetables into it and fry lightly; cut tomatoes, salt and carrot. Lastly, add in yogurt stir slightly and close the fire. Ready to serve.

Brinjal fry with Yogurt
Brinjal    2, cut into fine lengthy way
Frying items
oil or ghee for frying
Tomato     1, cut into fine pieces
Onions, green chillies    cut into fine  pieces
Curry leaves or pudina or corriander leave
Ginger     finely cut


Deep fry the cut brinjals. Remove excess oil and add the frying agents to it.  Add the curry leaves onions, tomatoes, salt and a bit of water for a boil

Lastly, add the youghurt  and corriander leaves into it  and  stir well. Its ready now.


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