One of most worrying aspect of the general understanding of what is Indian and what is Hinduism, is the total lack of reference to the important contributions the Dravidian folks have made to its fabrication. Hinduism is articulated as a religion that follows from the Aryan Vedas and hence a Vaidika Dharma, in utter disregard to the preVedic elements in it. Even the European scholars appear to be prejudiced in favor of this Aryan theory. The antiquity of Vedas and the absence Dravidian literature equally if not more ancient ,is factor that contributes immensely for this misunderstanding to persist so strongly.

Fortunately however, it is now being slowly recognized that the people who developed the Sumerian and related civilizations in the ancient Middle East are possibly Dravidians who appear to be ethnically related to the people who developed the Indus valley civilization. Many scholars have started Sumero-Dravidian Studies to correct the Aryan thesis, a widespread error and gain for the Dravidian folks their rightful place in world history. While the progress is painfully slow, W.S.C is full of hope that this will become an active field soon.

When manpower and financial resources permit, we hope to start another electronic journal devoted to such and similar studies.

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