Baum Test

Agamic Psychology is the modernised version of the ancient Tantric Psychology developed in India. This psychology has been refashioned as a rigorous field of science through the use of ACCESS TESTS an example of which is the NEW BAUM TEST. This test was originally developed in Germany but now modified suitably so that the unconscious of a person is accessed in Symbolic Terms.

If you do this test in the prescribed way, it will help you to understand yourself better in terms of becoming conscious of why certain things happened to you, are happening and are about to happen in the near future.


This is what you have to do. Take an A4 size paper and divide the page into FOUR quarters labelled A,B,C, and D. Using a dark pencil or pen you have to draw with your own hands a TREE bearing FRUITS differently for each according to the instructions below.





A:----Draw a tree bearing fruits as it comes to your mind. DO NOT look at a natural tree around and draw; it must be from your mind.

B:----In this quadrant draw a tree bearing fruits as REALISTIC as you can. It is better that it is different from A.

C:----Now in this quadrant draw a tree bearing fruits which is your own CREATION or design. Just as you would design or create your own pot given a lump of clay, is this tree.

D:----Here draw a tree that is entirely IMAGINARY - there must not be anything like it in the world.

Note: If you re not inclined to draw fruits, you can omit them.

For further details and for analysing your psyche on your own please refer to the articles in the Electronic Journal of Agamic Psychology in this Home Page.

These BAUMS or trees drawn by you have to be interpreted in order to see what has happened to you, is happening now and would happen in the near future if you continue to live this way. This science of interpretation , called Hermeneutic Semiotics, and which is similar to dream interpretation will be disclosed to you in the pages of this journal.