Metaphysica Universalis of Meykandar

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Though Civajnana Botham was translated into English by Mr.N.Nallasamy Pillai towards the end of 19th cent. itself and subsequent to that there have been several, a new translation was deemed necessary in view of recent developments in Hermeneutics in the West the language of which is more suited to render the meanings of the original text more accurately. For the purpose of this translation I have used the standard version of the text as is available in the publication of the fourteen Meykanda Sastras by University of Madras. I have reworked this standard version only in sutra three where some reorganizations have been introduced without however introducing extraneous elements. I have also differed from them in renaming some classifications more consistent with classical Tamil. The original text in the Tamil script is given in the Appendix for anyone who wants to compare.

Each Sutra is treated as a chapter of its own to which I have given a title not available in the original.

About Meykandar.................
Though Meykandar is the most profound philosopher India has known, due to accidents of circumstances he is not well known to the outside world. One of the reasons is that he wrote in Tamil and the world because of its orientations to Sanskrit in Indological studies has overlooked him. Now however in this masterly translation of his Civajnana Botham, his philosophy is made available to the world public in all its profundity.

Meykandar lived towards the end of 13th cent.A.D. during the times of imperial Cholas. It is this treatise that has provided an unshakeable foundation for Saivism and religious life in general. This book is a must for all those who seek TRUTH no matter where it comes from.


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