What's New Arutkural

Arutkural is a massive text in Tamil containing 2671 Kurals or Couplets outlining a new philosophy of life based upon Saiva Siddhantha. The book is divided into three sections; the UKATHINAY, AKATHINAY, and PURATHINAY.

All Kurals are original except for one which is taken from the world famous Thirukkural. In fact it can be said that Arutkural is a commentary on Thirukkural, however in the same poetic structure.

It seeks to articulate a totally new philosophy of life consistent with new developments in science, technology and philosophy.

What's New

This book is available for USD 20.00(Air Mail Postage included)

Available from the author: Dr.K.Loganathan,29,Jalan 5, Cangkat Minden,11700,


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