Hermeneutic Analysis of Discourse

Written By:K.Loganathan Mutharayan, PhD
Published By: Internationala School of Dravidian Linguistics,St.Xavier's College,
Trivandrum,695586 Kerala, South India.

Price:USD 50.00 Available from the publisher

This work though a text in Discourse Analysis but transcends the narrower linguistic interest in exemplifying the application of Hermeneutics. Hence this book is a book on the newly developing field of Hermeneutic Science. Furthermore it brings together the classical developments in Hermeneutics both in the East and West.
This book will be useful to all those researches in the field of Social Sciences, Teacher Education, Philosophy amd religion.

  Chapter 1: An Overview of Hermeneutic Analysis of Social Interaction
Chapter 2: The Essentials of Discourse Analysis and Conversation Analysis
Chapter 3: The Ontological issues in episodization phenomenon
Chapter 4: The Socio-Psychological structures of Episodization
Chapter 5: The Basic Social Structures: Withness and Togetherness
Chapter 6: Openings and Closings
Chapter 7: The Movement of Interaction in language instruction
Chapter 8: The Movements of Understanding in Science and Mathematics Instructions
Chapter 9: Hermeneutic Analysis and its neighbours


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