Volume 2. No. 2 September 1998

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1.Original Creation of the Universe - Saiva Siddhantha's Answer
Thiruvasakamani  K.M.Balasubramaniam

2.Civajnanam Tradition and Authority
Dr.K.Loganathan, Penang, Malaysia.

3.Dread, Wonder and Miracle - A saivite Interpretation
Dr.R.Gopalakrishnan, South India

4.Soul is neither sat Nor Asat
Siddhantaratnam K.Ganesalingam

5.Siva Bhogam

Dr.R.Gopalakrishnan, South India.

6.Philosophical Concepts of Myth
Mrs.S.Chandran PhD

7.Saivism  and Western Nihilism
Dr.K.Loganathan, Penang, Malaysia.

8.Phenomenology and Saiva Siddhantha
Dr.K.Loganathan, Penang, Malaysia.