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What is Saivism
What is Culture

[[̾¢ ĸ Ȣ Ţ Ǣ¢. 󨾸 ġ.] ] In this section we will describe matters related to Saiva Culture.


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Let's practice the art of KOLAM!!!

. Ţ Ũ¢ ƸƸ . â Ţ ӨȨ .

The Saivites develop many arts as part of their religiuos practices. One of these is the drawing of Kolam which is related to 'Yantra' worship. Now we will describe how to draw Kolam with 'rice flour'. Any white powder can be used.

ŢĢ â .
Take the powder with your fingers

Ǣ â¡ .
Place the dots in proper order

Ǣ θ .
Draw the lines using the dots as guidelines

Ǣ Ũ .
Your hands must be flexible so that the lines are smooth

Ч 째 Ө
This is the way to practice the art of kolam.