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Hi! Vanakam.
This Saiva Children's magazine contains essays, short stories, and poems written by children like you. Children from all over the world are welcome to contribute to this magazine. Your contribution must be in English or Tamil, short, and clear. (If possible type using MS WORD and send as an attachment file)

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What's happening to Indians now

Ananth s/o Balakrishnan (11 years old) Penang, Malaysia.

Saivism was the most popular religion in the whole world. Saivism was respected in those days but now it has changed. Saivism has changed because the Saivites are starting to follow the western style. Only 30% of Saivites are following the Saiva culture. The reasons why Saivites are becoming like this is because of their own parents. One of it's reason is that parent's do not give their children enough guidance, never take their children to temples and never teach their children about the Saiva culture.

Realising this problem, many Saivites have organized groups to teach young Indians about Saivism's history. I am very happy about this.


Written by:
Rama d/o lakshmanan (15 years old), Deepa d/o Krishnan (14 years old) and Aroonah d/o Sathiyanathan (13 years old) Penang, Malaysia.

A temple is a very purified place. It contains statues of gods. A person goes to a temple to pray. The temple is in existence to let people discipline themselves. When a person goes to a temple, his full concentration is on the God.
There are many kinds of temples. Siva Temple, Murugan temple, Vinayagar temple, and Amman temples are some of the examples. Before going to a temple, you should clean yourself. When you reach the temple you should pray to the 'gopuram'. 'Gopuram' is a pyramid which contains statues of 'devas'. Then you must go to each God and pray to them. Then you can do 'Archanas'. 'Archanas' is a pooja done by the priest to the God. Later you must go 'paraharam'. 'Paraharam' means going around the temple.
The benefit of going to a temple is that, you get what you want and a peaceful environment sooner or later. That's all about going to a temple.


Written by:
Rekha d/o Arumugam, Shamini d/o Thandayuthapani, Logambigai d/o Krishnasamy, Penang, Malaysia.
Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in humanbeings. Knowledge is innate, no knowledge comes from outside; it is all inside. All knowledge that the world has ever received comes from the mind, just like the plant developing its own nature. The function of the teacher is indeed an affair of transference. Therefore, the teacher must be pure. The condition in regard to the motive: a teacher must not teach for money, name or fame. There is only one method by which to attain knowledge, that which is called concentration. The more the power of concentration, the greater the knowledge that is acquired. In making money or in doing anything, the stronger the power of concentration, greater the success. The success in any line of work is the result of high achivements in arts, music, etc., and which are the result of concentration. Education must have the aim : all training is to make a human to grow.