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The devas came to Shiva and said: Swami! The Suuran is torturing us, please come and rescue us. The great Shiva took pity on them. He opened the fiery third eye on his forhead. Six great sparks shot out. They fell in a large pond called the saravanap poykai. Each one of the sparks became a child. The six merged together and became the six faced Arumugan, a form of Murukan.

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kalaimakal the godess of learning is also known as Sarasvathy. She always wears white dress and sitting on a white lotus plays the Veena. She is the godess of all the arts that are practiced by people. Kumarakurubarar has written a song in praise of this godess that goes by the name sakalakalaavalli maalai.


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Vinayakar and Mango

One day the divine messanger 'Naratha' came to Kailash and gave a special mango, the fruit of divine wisdom. Lord Shiva told Vinayaka and Murukan that who comes to know the world first will get the fruit as the reward. While Murukan mounted the peacock and immediately flew all over the world, Vinayaka patiently simply went around Lord Shiva and Parvathy and worshiped them. Lord Shiva then gave the fruit to Vinayaka.