The Seventh Section



7.0 The Four Cognitional Utensils (antakaranas)

The cittam is the lower part of prakirti. It promotes reflection of perpetual enjoyment or existence. Kunam, cittam and prakirti are names for different states (of the same entity).


7.1 Now buddhi is something that arises from guna tatva, and conjoined to the moral senses of punniyam and pavam of the egos. It is instrumental for evaluative judgements and ascertainments of objects of perception afforded by karma inherited by the psyches. It is also the causal basis for notions of what is right(dharma), knowledge,notions of what is improper ( adharma), resoluteness (vairakkiyam), notions of wealth (aisvariam), ignorance (anjnanam), irresoluteness (avairakkyam) and meagreness and unproductivity (unaisvariam).


7.1.1 Now ahankaram is the cause of the egoistic feeling that one is incomparably superior to others; the self assertion of 'I am like this' and so forth; the tendency to attribute to oneself saying 'This is mine' and so forth. It arises from buddhi. In view of the different levels of dominance of gunas of cattvikam and so forth, it is also differentiated into taicatam, vaikarikam and putatikam.


7.2 Now manam is generated from taicata ahankaram, doubting because of uncertainty, generating thoughts in the context of willing something. The perception of objects revealed through the senses are its functions. It also differentiates between objects and attributes. It is this that along with the various sense-faculties generate knowledge of the sense objects. Therefore, it is not one of infinite extension (vibu), nor atomic (anu) as integrated knowledge from five different senses are attained; it is a mahat that extends and contracts.



7.0 The Anma tatvas, listed as twenty-four are in fact the psycho-physiological constituents of the human body that underlies the grounding of understanding as such. The antakaranas, the cognitive utensils here are the different mental structures termed cittam, buddhi, ahankararn and manarn the functions of which are explained in the text.