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The practice of Saiva Religion cannot be dissociated with a number of traditions that have come to prevail. While some traditions are irrelevent for the modern world there are many that are still important no matter how the world has changed. Such traditions have evolved over a long period of time and  serve to maintain the saiva way of life. This section is meant to provide information on this.

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Vegetarian Cooking
Indian Recepie (Click the number below to read the receipies)

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Other Recepie
Relevance for Religion

Yoga Nyaanam
What is Yoga? (Click the number below to read the Articles)

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  Traditional Muzic
Types of Instruments
Thevarap Pannisai

  Traditional Games
The signifivcance
Types of games

  Family Issues
Meaning of Marriage
Resolution of Conflicts
The Role of Husband
The Role of Wife
The Family and Society

  Child upbringing
The understanding the child
Good upbringing
Cultural Problems

Tamil Festival Calendar
The Significance of Festivals

  Cultural Issues
Importants of Tamil language
Tamilian Dress Code
Tamilian Ceremonies


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