The Eleventh Section




11.0 Now there are three types of technologies for moksa: gaining civanjanam, complete self-surrender (prapatti) and resoluteness (vairakkiyam).


11.1 In this the technology of attaining civnjanam is: acquiring the ten fold stages of tattuvarupam, tattuvataricanam, tattucutti, anmarupam, anmataricanam, anmacutti, civarupam, civa taricanam, civayokam and civapokam with the grace of a guru and ascending to the blissful state of being non-alien from Civa.


11.2 If this technology is difficult then one could do the following to attain the above state of 'Experiencing - As-Civa'. With the belief that Civa in universally present, that everything is Him, realise that without His Grace there could be no knowledge whatsoever; and with the belief that it is on His command that we are doing what we are doing, surrender oneself to Civa burying the ego with the thought that there is no punniyam or pavam on account of carrying out His will; seek Civa in earnest and reach his athenam; understand the three ontologically fundamental entities with the help of pancakkara; let Paraciva dominate oneself burying the delimiting constraints and recite the mantras as prescribed and excel in it.


11.3 Even if this is rather difficult then one can worship in accordance with the prescriptions of a Guru thereby remove the ignorance and shine in the brilliance of Civa-Consciousness and thus attain the 'Experiencing-As-Civa' mentioned above i.e. being nonalien with Civa.



11.0 The term sadhana is rendered here as technology in the sense of a pedagogic science or technique. The sadhana are practices, arts and techniques that are in fact efficacious for bringing about the supreme moksa or paramukti. They are akin to the hermeneutic efforts termed utti that bring about a proper understanding of a text. When the notion of utti is extended to existence as a whole where the whole of existential reality is taken as a TEXT in an extended sense, then we have sadhana in the true sense of the word.


Catanam in Tamil usage also means an instrument, a device, an artifact and so forth. The technologies are inventions of man for attaining something he desires. The Sadhana here is something similar but with the difference that what is desired is not material comforts but rather paramoksa.