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I have designed this page as an appreciation for the kind of knowledge that I have obtained from my spiritual guide Dr.K.Loganathan. Here, readers will get an opportunity to know the research that has been carried out by Dr.K.Loganathan for the past thirty years. The main objective of this site is to explore the ancient Tamil Literature with particular reference to Sumerial and Tolkappiyam. Scholars are most welcome to send related research articles to this site. Thankyou!


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I dedicate this home page to my spiritual teacher Dr.K.Loganathan. I'm proud to launch this page on his birthday.(11/08/1998)

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Dr.K.Loganathan's Favourite Thevaram Hymn:

Naam yaarkkum kudi allom namanai anjom
narakaththil idarppadom nadalai illom
emaappom pini arivom panivom mallom
inbame ennaalum thunbam illai
thaamarkkum kudiyallaath thanmayaana
sangkaranar sangkaven kuzayor kaathil
koomarkke naamendru miilaa aalaai
koimalar seevadiyinaye kurukinome..! - Thirunavukkarasar

One of the signs of decline of the Saivites is the fact that a submissive and slave mentality has come to prevail. Under the notion of ?Samarasam? they have lost their capacity to struggle against the tides and live only by TRUTH.

In order to seek out truth and live in it one has to be brave and adventurous. And this requires the destruction of submissiveness and cowardice. A good model for us in this regard is Appar and his struggles must be retold and his philosophy reanalyzed in order to make Saiva Siddhantha a living force again.

In his epoch making hymn ?Nam Yaarkkkum Kudiyallom....? he is in fact outlining a new philosophy of human freedom which is quite different from the concept of freedom that is available now in the Western countries. Genuine freedom is not simply a permissiveness to do whatever one wants, neither is it going along with majority opinion. For permissiveness is slavery to passions and the majority can be quite wrong in number of cases. Genuine freedom requires the absolution of personal desires and seeking out TRUTH no matter how problematic and difficult it becomes.

Appar also mentions that true human freedom is possible only by being close to and intimate with SHIVA for it is only SHIVA who as the ABSOLUTE BEING is totally free. We human beings become free only to the extend we proximate SHIVA.

For Appar understands Siva as "Thaan Yaarkum Kudiyalla Sangkaran" which means Siva is not only totally transcendent but also totally powerful and authoritative. There is no power in the world that can excel him and exceed him, a notion that was also articulated by Thirumular. with the words "Thanakku thane Thalaivanagiya Thatparan".

These notions have been forgotten by the Tamil people and because of which they seem to emphasise submissiveness and mental slavery. We have to realise this fault of our present day Saivite culture and draw up programmes so that we do not continue to create youths who are afraid of seeking out truth and only truth.

Our whole education programme must be revamped so that creativity and productive thinking are encouraged. We should discourage repetitiveness and encourage the production of new thoughts, novel ideas no matter how deviant they are from established modes of thought.

Only when the mind is free to explore the whole world of ideas unhampered will it understand the enormous dance of Siva and only then they will understand the truths of Saiva Siddhantam.

(By Dr.K.Loganathan, Extracted from Saiva Ulakam 20, Vol 5, No.4 )
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This page was designed and maintained by Suba Loganathan. for inquiries mail to suba.

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